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Airgle Clean Room

Air Purification System

99.999% filtration rate combines with photocatalyst UVC disinfection thoroughly


Medical-Grade Air Purification Technology 

Airgle is specialized in air purification solution and effectively reduces the rate of healthcare-associated infection (HAIs), ensuring hospitals and clinics are safe and clean.
Airgle has the most advanced air purification technology in the market, with extremely high filtration capabilities removes airborne particles, bacteria, and viruses. Also it received the most respected international certifications. 

Airgle Filters & UVC Module

Airgle filters are among the best in the industry. Equip with medical-grade HEPA and heavy-duty activated carbon filter plus patented Titanium Pro Photocatalyst UVC module. With these filters combination create top of the line filtration system.

Extraoral Smart Flexhose

Used in high-risk medical procedures

Airgle Extraoral Smart FlexHose is engineered to facilitate the removal of potentially harmful aerosols and droplets produced during procedures that require high-speed scaling and drilling. The evacuation arm can be maneuvered to place the suction snout near the patient’s mouth or chest area when drilling or doing hygiene as a defense against harmful airborne pathogens and infectious material that can threaten the health and safety of patients and staff.

Superior Suction Power

The Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of the Airgle purifier is extremely powerful, up to 680 cubic meters per hour. The Airgle Extraoral Smart Flexhose absorbs atomizing gases and suspended particles directly at the origin, to protect medical staff and patients from bacteria and viruses infection.

Disposable Snouts and Filters

The Airgle Extraoral Smart Flexhose is placed with a disposable snout and filter to block out large droplets of saliva and blood from contaminated the inside of the Evacuation Arm. 

Medical Grade cHEPA Filter

Airgle's cHEPA filter reaches H14 level up to clean room level. The efficiency of filtering particles as small as 0.003 microns is as high as 99.999%. It can effectively remove many pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, mold, smoke, and pollen to protect your health in your workplace.
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Cleaning Hospital Room

Remove Odors and Gases

Over a hundred compounds (VOCs) are released during the use of cleaning agents, some medical treatments, and renovations. These materials usually produce unpleasant odors, can irritate the eyes and throat, and detrimental to the nervous system if exposed in long term. 

Airgle has up to 2.6 kg of activated carbon, which can effectively remove odors and VOCs, effectively reducing the volume of harmful gases in the workplace.

Titanium Pro UV Module

Effective removal of chemicals, bacteria and viruses
The world's 1st  and only photocatalytic oxidation technology that uses a catalytic metal plate, electronic component, a germicidal UVC lamp and UVC lamp ballast within one solo disposable module. The Titanium Pro UV module safely breaks down harmful chemicals and odors, while effectively killing bacteria and virus pollutants.
US Patent No. US 8,557,188 B2

Applying Areas

Airgle can effectively remove bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and gas pollution, providing a safe and comfortable environment.
  • Medical clinic
  • Dental clinic
  • Nursing homes
  • Isolation room
  • Ward
  • Diagnosis room
  • Laboratory
  • Corridor

Trusted by Hospitals and Clinics Worldwide

Airgle has passed a series of rigorous filtration performance tests, which earned multiple international certifications, and also approved by the FDA in USA. Trusted by hospitals, medical clinics, and dental clinics globally.
Medical and Healthcare Clients
International Acclaim
AHAM Verified

AHAM cerified CADR   •   FDA  approved medical device  •   US energy star qualified

ETL listed mark   •   ARB ozone free safety certified


Doctor Testimonials

Dr. Huckeby, Dr. Aleksic, Dr. Goroski
Twelve Clans Unity Hospital

"The pass through air design allows us to strategically position and move air away from the providers. The craftsmanship and finish are outstanding. "

Shannon Allison, DDS, PA
Allison and Associates

"After lots of research and COVID-19 webinars, I felt I needed to address the aerosol issues at the source. Having the units in each operatory definitely improves the air quality via rapid air turnover and through the unique oxidizing process generated from the patented UVC-Titanium Dioxide module."

Dr. Carrie Gray, DMD
Naugatuck, CT

"It is modern looking, compact and so quiet, you can barely hear it. The staff appreciates having the extra layer of protection while they work and the patients have felt secure coming in for dental work knowing we have the Airgle."

Dr. Tamara Garrett, DDS

"I would like to personally recommend the Airgle AG600. I’m a dentist with over 20 years of experience. You can immediately feel the difference and even my patients notice."

Nurse Talking to Patient

Ordering Your Airgle  

Our specialists will help you to look for the most suitable solution for the task, which greatly enhance your workplace safety. 

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