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Airgle Warranty Policy

  1. Airgle AG25: We offer 1 year of free repair services charge from the date of purchase. We will not provide on-site service, repair product should be returned to the repair center directly.

  2. Airgle AG300: We offer 2 year of free repair services charge from the date of purchase. We will not provide on-site service, repair product should be returned to the repair center directly.

  3. Airgle AG500 / AG600 / AG800 / AG900: Covering by a Five (5) years warranty, which includes Three (3) years providing repair services and replacement of defective parts to the product. If the product is being transferred to another owner (such as family member or friend), the owner needs to inform our Service Center in advance to update the new contact information, and pay the transfer fee HK$1000, otherwise the warranty will be void. If the product is resold to another owner, the warranty will be void.

  4. Airgle AG2000: We offer 2 year of free repair services charge from the date of purchase.

  5. Customer must keep their original copy of invoice from merchants as the only proof of purchase and present during the repair.

  6. To ensure that the warranty is accurate and valid, please register for warranty within 14 days from the day of purchase. Otherwise, the warranty will be void automatically and we will charge the client for normal service fee.​

  7. A fee will be charged even within the warranty term for repairing loss or damage to the Airgle products arising from or in connection with use of non-genuine replacement filter (also commonly referred to as substitute filter). Warranty services will be void and not be extended.

  8. The warranty applies to air purifiers purchased from Airgle’s authorized sole distributor and their authorized dealers in Hong Kong and Macau. Our authorized service provider has an option to provide repair service and replacement of defective parts to the product, for which is under guarantee period and normal use, while the product is out of order and verified by the Company. The service shall be rendered and considered as appropriate by the authorized service provider only. The replaced defective parts shall become the Airgle’s property.

  9. This warranty does not cover:

    1. Replacement of filters, frame, housing, wheels, glass, battery, and accessories.

    2. Installation, dismantling, removal nor disposal service, overhaul cleaning service, recondition, removal or reinstallation of any fittings and facilities which impede for repair service, exterior equipment of the product.

    3. Any correction work or repair for the product by reasons of not followed the instruction in installation or operating manual (including a failure to replace filters with original Airgle replacement filters or filters of the same quality).

    4. Any damage or loss caused by man-made, misuse, abuse, neglect, excessive erosion or rust, unauthorized repair or modification, normal wear and tear, accidents, natural disasters, or other events beyond Company’s control.

    5. Disposable media such as filters and Titanium Pro module, which require periodic replacement with use.

    6. Non-domestic use.

    7. To work under hazardous conditions.

    8. Model or serial number of the product has been altered, effaced or moved.

    9. Counterfeit filters or accessories are used.

  10. If the location or surrounding is impeded and caused the authorized service provider cannot conduct inspection or repair service under the safety condition, customer should provide a safe and appropriated facility, such as ladder, working platform or scaffolding ; or dismantle and restore the product to the place by customer. Any cost and related application is responsible by customer.

  11. The authorized service provider shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss, claims, or contingent in connection with any defects, faults or failure of the product.

  12. The total liability of the authorized service provider shall in no event exceed the amount actually paid to the authorized service provider for the product.

  13. Onsite service in outlying islands and closed areas is required longer time to arrange and additional fee will be charged. If the product in outlying islands or closed areas is required workshop repair or filter replacement, or the product is on yacht or boat, customer should be responsible to carry the product to our Service Centre, or deliver to and from the specified location in urban area for rendering of service.

  14. The guarantee is valid only in Hong Kong and Macau. Any other certificates issued by other parties would not be accepted.

  15. While providing service under guarantee period, customer must present the original purchase invoice to the authorized service provider’s verification, otherwise, the service would be on a charge basis.

  16. In case of any dispute, the authorized service provider reserves the right for final judgment and decision.

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