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9 Reasons to Choose Airgle

Why choose Airgle?

With a wide variety of air purifiers and filtration technologies in the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one. However, Airgle has been dedicated to air purification research since 1999 and has gained recognition from prestigious users like NASA and the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Airgle has been trusted by numerous medical institutions globally. What makes Airgle stand out?


Trusted by Hospitals

Over a thousand Airgle air purifiers are currently being used in hospitals and clinics across Hong Kong. These air purifiers are placed in various areas such as emergency rooms, diagnostic rooms, negative pressure wards, and pathology departments. The products have undergone filtration and safety testing, effectively reducing the risk of disease transmission and ensuring the health of both medical staff and patients.

Filtering Various Air Pollutants

Airgle is equipped with high-performance filtration technology that effectively eliminates over 99.998% of the COVID-19 virus and rapidly captures 99.999% of particles as small as 0.003 micrometers. It targets various pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, suspended particles, allergens, smoke, formaldehyde, and provides a sterilization efficiency of up to 99.9999%.

100% Inlet Seal Design

Improperly sealed air purifiers reduce filtering efficiency and allow the accumulation of hard-to-remove pollutants, rendering them ineffective.
Airgle employs a fully sealed design to ensure that 100% of the air passes through the filter, preventing pollutants from leaking through gaps and maximizing the filter's effectiveness. Additionally, this design helps maintain long-term cleanliness inside the device.

Ultra-Quiet Technologies

People often overlook the issue of noise when purchasing an air purifier and only realize the disturbance it causes during sleep or work after buying it.
Airgle understands the importance of silence to users, which is why our engineers have carefully optimized the design of our units, significantly reducing air resistance and minimizing operational noise.

International Acclaim

  • Eliminates >99.998% of the novel coronavirus.
  • Highly efficient in removing formaldehyde, with a capacity of 564 cubic meters per hour, 4 to 11 times higher than regular air purifiers on the market, surpassing national F4 standards.
  • Filters particles as small as 0.003 micrometers with a 99.999% effectiveness.
  • Exceptional germ-killing power, with a sterilization rate of up to 99.9999%.
  • Rated as the top Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) air purifier by the American AHAM for over a decade.
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Medical device approved by US FDA


AHAM certified CADR

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US energy star qualified


ETL listed mark

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Ozone safety certified

Airgle cert

Energy-efficient and Cost-saving

"Air purifiers are often used continuously, so many users consider the power consumption and electricity cost. Airgle has a very low power consumption and is certified by the U.S. Energy Star, offering energy efficiency and cost savings while being environmentally friendly.
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UV-resistant Materials

An increasing number of air purifiers are equipped with UV lamps to enhance their germ-killing capabilities. However, prolonged exposure to UV light can make the typical materials used in the device's body brittle, fade, and age faster.
  • Airgle flagship models (AG600 - AG900) feature UV-resistant aluminum alloy construction
  • Airgle model (AG300) uses high-strength plastic with UV protection.

Multiple Control Methods

Airgle provides various control methods to cater to different user preferences.
  • AG25 model: The unit automatically starts with the car engine, eliminating the need for manual switching.
  • AG300, AG600 - AG900 models: Equipped with both "Infrared remote control" and "Mobile app" control methods, offering the convenience of smart home experience.

On-site Service

For our flagship models (AG600 - AG900), we provide on-site services that have received high praise from our customers, including:
  • On-site maintenance service: We offer free on-site inspection and repair services during the warranty.
  • On-site filter replacement service: When customers purchase filters on the Airgle official website, they can choose the 'On-site filter replacement service,' allowing us to replace the filters for you. In accordance with the condition of the old filters, we donate the recyclable metal materials to environmental recycling companies to reduce waste generation.