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Enhancing Foodpanda's Air Quality with Airgle

Foodpanda, a top food delivery platform in Hong Kong, has partnered with 14,000+ restaurants, offering diverse food choices and convenient ordering. To maintain excellent air quality in their office, Foodpanda has teamed up with Airgle for air purification. This ensures a healthy and comfortable workspace, boosting productivity and efficiency.

Airgle x Foodpanda: More Than Clean Air

Triple Filtration for Health Protection

Foodpanda uses Airgle in high-traffic areas like pantries and open office spaces. With Airgle's three filtration technologies, it efficiently captures airborne pollutants, ensuring a fresh and healthy work environment. The technologies include H14 Medical Grade cHEPA filtration, Titanium Pro UVC Module, and premium activated carbon filtration. These technologies effectively remove harmful particles, sterilize the air, and filter out formaldehyde, odors, and volatile organic compounds.

Airgle x Foodpanda: More Than Clean Air

Silent Operation for Undisturbed Work

Airgle operates silently with noise levels as low as 33 decibels, providing a peaceful work environment that minimizes noise disturbances. This allows employees to focus on their work more effectively and enhances productivity.

Airgle x Foodpanda: More Than Clean Air

Automatic Sensing for Intelligent Purification

Airgle is equipped with air quality sensors that automatically adjust its operating mode based on the air quality changes in the office. When the PM2.5 levels are high, it automatically increases the fan speed for faster air purification. Once the air quality reaches the desired level, Airgle automatically reduces the fan speed, saving energy while maintaining excellent air quality in the office.

Airgle x Foodpanda: More Than Clean Air

Consumer Most Trusted Brand

With its top-of-the-line performance and excellent built quality, no wonder Airgle has been endorsed by NASA, Royal Saudi Family and many world's largest corporations, healthcare organizations, government agencies, schools, residential for more than a decade all over the world.

Airgle Air Purifier



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