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Special add-on offer:Half-priced AG600 replacement filter (cHEPA Filter and Gas & Odor Filter)

  • Discounted Price $1,490 | Original Price $2,980


Airgle AG600 uses Titanium Pro UVC module, the next generation of photocatalytic oxidation technology. Specially designed to clean small to medium size rooms, it eliminates >99.998% of COVID-19 and safely breaks down harmful particles down to 0.003 microns with an efficiency of 99.999%. Perfect for those with respiratory problems such as severe allergy and asthma, the AG600 will provide refreshing relief. Third-party testing shows the AG600 achieves a 6-log reduction (99.9999%) in bacteria.

Airgle AG600 Air Purifier

PriceFrom HK$17,200.00
Expected to ship in early June
  • Filter

    • H14 cHEPA filter
    • Gas & Odor filter
    • Titanium Pro UVC module

    Dimension (mm)

    With wheels: 520(H) x 380(W) x 390(D)

    Without wheels: 460(H) x 380(W) x 390(D)

    Net weight: 16kg

    Gross weight: 20.8kg

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