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Chi Lin Nunnery incorporates Airgle into the rehabilitation bus

Chi Lin Nunnery provides dedicated elderly care services, offering a conducive environment and comprehensive facilities. This includes a Rehabilitation Bus for convenient transportation to medical appointments, ensuring the daily needs of residents are met.

Chung Yan Nunnery

To protect vulnerable elderly individuals, especially those with respiratory conditions, Chi Lin Nunnery equips their rehabilitation bus with Airgle air purifier. This ensures efficient removal of pollutants, providing clean air for residents and staff during transportation.

rehabilitation bus

Compact size, powerful performance

The AG25 air purifier boasts strong filtration capabilities. It features H14 cHEPA filters that swiftly capture bacteria, mold, and dust released by air conditioning. Additionally, it utilizes advanced activated carbon technology to absorb exhaust fumes and pollutants like formaldehyde and VOCs. With the patented photocatalytic UVC component, it effectively eliminates airborne bacteria and viruses, ensuring a healthier environment for elderly individuals.

AG25 air purifer

Safety design

Airgle prioritizes user health and safety by combining strong filtration performance with a safe design. The AG25 features a crash-resistant design with rounded corners, minimizing the risk of injury in case of accidental impact. Users can travel with peace of mind knowing that even minor dangers are considered to ensure their well-being.

rehabilitation bus

Consumer Most Trusted Brand

With its top-of-the-line performance and excellent built quality, no wonder Airgle has been endorsed by NASA, Royal Saudi Family and many world's largest corporations, healthcare organizations, government agencies, schools, residential for more than a decade all over the world.

Airgle Air Purifiers



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