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Green Enterprise: Airgle trusted by Hang Seng Bank

Green Enterprise

Hang Seng Bank was established in 1933 and its main businesses include retail, commercial, global banking and capital markets. They prioritize customer experience and employee well-being by installing Airgle air purifiers for a comfortable and fresh environment in their offices, headquarters, and branches.

Green Enterprises Drive Sustainability

hang seng bank

In 2003, Hang Seng Bank established a series of environmental policies, set up an Environmental Management Committee, and developed guidelines for eco-procurement and waste management. As a result of their exceptional environmental efforts, they became the first local financial institution to receive the ISO 14001 environmental management system certificate in 2005.

Similarly, Airgle is dedicated to environmental protection and its filters are recyclable. Moreover, Airgle has received certifications from US ARB, ETL, and Energy Star for safety, energy efficiency, and zero ozone emissions. Notably, Airgle has also been awarded the ISO 14001 environmental management system certificate.

Consumer Most Trusted Brand

With its top-of-the-line performance and excellent built quality, no wonder Airgle has been endorsed by NASA, Royal Saudi Family and many world's largest corporations, healthcare organizations, government agencies, schools, residential for more than a decade all over the world.




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